Prolignis to build wood-fired cogen plant in Wettstetten

04.09.2020 − 

Prolignis wants to put a wood-fired cogeneration plant into operation in Wettstetten near Eichstätt, Upper Bavaria, by the end of 2022. According to the project information published in advance of the citizen information event held on 17 August, the wood-fired cogen plant is to be built on the “Im Speck” commercial estate at a cost of approximately 90m €. Prolignis will be project developer as well as the future operator. The schedule provides for a start of construction in spring 2021. The output of the plant equipped with a stoker-firing system, a steam turbine, and an air-cooled condenser is given as 28 MWth and 10 MWel. The heat supply can be assured with two additional boilers with 16 MW each. The annual heat output is expected to be 280,000 MWh, and the annual electrical output 92,000 MWh.

Roughly 140,000 tpy bone dry of wood from forest and landscape maintenance and 33,000 tpy bone dry of A1 and A2 salvaged wood are to be used as fuel. The fuel will be delivered ready-to-use to the wood-fired cogen plant by truck. For the forest wood, delivery agreements are to be made with the surrounding marketing organisations in the forest industry.

The heat produced by the plant is to be fed partly into a local heating network and partly to an industrial enterprise. The industrial enterprise currently uses oil and gas as fuel. The required pipelines will be built by the Ingolstadt public utility companies. The industrial customer’s heat intake and the power in-put is secured by contract for the next 20 years. Part of the electricity will also be provided for the fast-charging stations planned on the premises for electric vehicles.

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