New issue of the English-language EUWID special

11.10.2019 − 

Today the meanwhile seventh issue of the English-language special edition "EUWID Special: Wood-Based Panels" will be dispatched. Recipients are primarily companies of the wood-based panels industry, the surface industry and the machinery and plant engineering sector. What is more, the complete magazine was uploaded to the EUWID-Homepage in PDF format yesterday evening.

Like the six issues published so far, the magazine takes up on 78 pages current topics of the machinery and plant contruction sector, the wood-based panels as well as the supplier industries that had been part of the coverage in the weekly released newsletters "EUWID Holz und Holzwerkstoffe" and "EUWID Wood Products and Panels". The latest issue most notably deals with the impacts of the planned regulations on formaldehyde on the wood-based panels industry as well as with the worldwide decor paper markets. Further emphasis has been put on the order intake of the machine and plant engineering sector, recent developments on the structural panels and composite panels markets, strategies of the Turkish wood-based panels industry as well as the transaction agreements entered into in the surface industry in the past few months.

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