Minimal progress in plans for Estonian biorefinery

06.02.2018 − 

Over the course of the year there was virtually no progress on the ideas for the construction of a pulp plant and biorefinery in Estonia, which had first been presented by Est-For Invest at the beginning of 2017. This information emerges from a written reply of the investor group to the Tartu region administration which has been published on the homepage of Est-For Invest.

The reply states that no further planning phase has been commenced since the decision that the Tartu region is most suitable for the plant. Nevertheless, several information events have been held over the past year. The purpose of these events has been to gain investors for the project. On the other hand, the company needs to win acceptance of civil society before starting to make specific plans.

The investor group first presented plans for the plant in a press conference on 10 January 2017. The pulp plant is to have an annual capacity of 700,000t.

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