Klöpferholz will become partner in Hagebau

20.12.2018 − 

The timber wholesaler Klöpferholz, which is part of Klöpfer & Königer, will become a new partner in the timber and building materials cooperative Hagebau with effect from 1 January 2019. Hagebau’s Supervisory Board approved an application for admission submitted by Klöpferholz at its meeting on 29 November.

The Klöpferholz group has not been part of a cooperative until now. After making a decision in principle to do so during 2017, Klöpferholz’s management team reviewed opportunities of this kind and subsequently held conversations with all major cooperatives. In addition to Hagebau, Klöpferholz had also been in contact with timber wholesale cooperative Holzring, timber trading cooperative HolzLand and builders’ merchant Eurobaustoff during this period. Negotiations honed in on Hagebau starting in the second quarter of 2018. The first news of Klöpferholz’s plans to join Hagebau had leaked in the timber and building materials trade during the autumn. This step was officially announced in a statement published by both Klöpferholz and Hagebau on 11 December.

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