In 2016, Raute has set new order intake record

07.03.2017 − 

Finnish Raute ended the 2016 financial year with an 11% improvement in order intake to €162m – a new record. Some 57 % of these orders came from Europe, 27 % from Russia, 11 % from North America, 3 % from the Asia-Pacific region and 2 % from South America.

Incoming orders for modernisation (+5%) and services (+12 %) projects increased 8% to €44m last year. Raute also posted a 13% growth in the new plant business to €118m. About three-quarters of these orders were for technology to make plywood, with the other quarter being placed by LVL producers.

Order intake from the new plant business had fallen sharply in the first half of the year, but Raute landed four major orders with a total volume of €88m by the year’s end. This includes the delivery of a total of five production lines, four of which are to be installed in Europe and one in Russia. Three of these orders were placed in the third quarter.

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