Growth in output in Italy even greater than in 2016

02.02.2018 − 

According to the provisional figures published by Acimall, Italian woodworking machine manufacturers’ production turnover in 2017 as a whole rose to 2.296bn €. This surpassed the previous year’s figure by 11.6% after a double-figure increase of 10.4% had been achieved in 2016.

Exports of Italian woodworking machines also rose more sharply last year than in 2016; the previous year’s figure was surpassed by 7.1% at 1.601bn €. The biggest sales markets were the USA (+4.5% to 165.5m €), Germany (+8.7% to 105.8m €), and Poland (+22.6% to 102.4m €). Exports to France, on the other hand, fell by 5.0% to 92.5m €. Exports to the UK were down even more sharply at -40.9% to 61.1m €. China lay between these two countries at +31.3% to 88.5m €).

Growth of only half as much was recorded for imports at 10.0% to 199.0m €. The biggest supplier countries were Germany (+15.2% to 68.7m €), China (-8.3% to 24.1m €), and Austria at -11.8% to 13.1m €. Export had risen by 5.8% in 2016, and imports by 19.4%, resulting in growth of 4.1% in the trade surplus. The trade surplus had even risen by 6.7% in 2017 to 1.402bn €.

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