Germany: Housing approvals up by 10.2% in December

13.04.2017 − 

In December 2016 a total of 35,580 approvals were granted for dwelling units in new and existing residential and non-residential buildings in Germany. This represents an increase of 10.2%. According to the Federal Statistical Office, approvals for dwelling units in new residential buildings increased by 12.1% vis à vis the comparative month of the preceding year to 30,658 units. Of this figure, 17,916 dwellings in multi-family houses were approved, corresponding to a rise of 20.5%. The number of approved dwellings in semi-detached houses was 8.0% above the previous year’s figure at 1,916 units. At 8,093, the number of approved detached houses was 6.4% short of the preceding year’s figure. Approvals for dwellings in residential homes increased by one third vis à vis the comparative month of the preceding year to 2,733 units. In the context of building measures relating to existing buildings, 4,219 applications for work on housing were approved, which corresponds to 4.0% decline.

With regard to the entire period of 2016, 316,836 dwellings in new residential buildings were approved, which represents an increase of 19.9%. Approvals for dwelling units in semi-detached and multi-family houses rose by 13.3% to 22,848 and 26.7% to 173,465 respectively. The number of approved detached houses, at 95,551, remained virtually the same by comparison with the previous year.

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