Germany: Construction approvals declined in December

28.03.2019 − 

According to the figures published by the Federal Statistical Office on 14 March, approvals for dwellings in new residential buildings in Germany declined by 5.0% in December vis à vis the comparative month of the preceding year to 28,168 units. The negative development recorded in October (-7.9%) and November (-5.4%) thus continued. Approvals also declined in January (-2.2%), March (-21.7%) and June (-8.8%). Increases in approvals were recorded in April (+5.2%), May (+8.4%), July (+17.3%), August (+2.3 %) and September (+7.9%). Approvals granted in February remained stable vis à vis the preceding year.

The decline in December regarding the number of approvals granted for detached houses (-6.3% to 7,414 units) as well as dwellings in semi-detached houses (-21.4% to 1,396 units) contrasted with increases in approvals for multi-family houses (+5.6% to 18,644 units).

Over the entire period of 2018 approvals for dwellings in new residential buildings, at 302,753 units, slightly exceeded the previous year’s figure. When the 11,439 dwellings approved in residential homes are deducted, a 2.0% increase to 291,314 units ensues. Whereas declines were recorded in the number of approved detached houses (-1.0% to 89,851 units) and dwellings in semi-detached houses (-6.5% to 20,796 units), an increase was recorded for dwellings in multi-family houses (+4.7% to 180,667 units).

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