France: Housing starts have fallen by 8%

08.05.2019 − 

In the first quarter, housing starts in France fell by 8% year-on-year to 90,300 units. The negative development recorded in 2018 (-4 % to 420,000 units) has thus intensified. In its statistics published on 29 April for the first quarter, the French Ministry of Construction reported a decline of 9 % to 30,700 units for single-family houses. The start of construction of flats in row houses (9,400 units), apartment buildings (44,200 units) and dormitories (5,900 units) fell by the same amount.

With a total of 100,600 units, building permits in the first quarter fell short of the previous year's figure by 9%. Permits for single-family houses (-6% to 33,200 units) and for apartments in terraced houses (-15% to 11,000 units) and apartment buildings (-11% to 49,600 units) also declined. The decline could by no means be offset by the increase in the number of permits for residential buildings (+13% to 6,800 units).

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