Construction industry incoming orders down 10.3%

09.06.2020 − 

In March calendar-adjusted incoming orders in the German construction industry declined by 10.3% vis à vis the comparative month of 2019. In January, the Federal Statistics Office still recorded a 6.3% increase. The February figures were just below the level of the preceding year. Accumulated over the first three months, incoming orders deteriorated by 3.0%.

Nominally, incoming orders in March declined by 4.2% to €7.9bn. In January an increase of 9.1% to €6.4bn had been re-corded. In February (€6.6bn) a stable development was recorded. Accumulated over the first three months incoming orders thus rose by 1.0% to €20.9bn. By comparison with the respective month of 2019 turnover increased at a double-digit rate in each of the first three months. In the first quarter the companies working in the German construction industry generated total turnover of €18.1bn, corresponding to an increase of 12.4%. Classified according to building sector, double-digit increase rates were also recorded in housing construction (+15.4% to €4.9bn), public structural engineering (+18.9% to €1.0m) and road construction and civil engineering (+15.2% to €7.3bn). Turnover in commercial construction rose by 4.7% to €4.7bn.

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