Collaboration of Timbeter, Cind and Biometria

26.08.2020 − 

Estonian IT development and wood measurement company Timbeter, Swedish photo-optical measuring system manufacturer Cind and the merged Swedish wood measurement and wood accounting association Biometria will cooperate more closely in future. According to the statement, Timbeter, Cind and Biometria intend to promote the development of portal measuring equipment for roundwood-carrying trucks. With help from technologies developed by Timbeter, based on artificial intelligence (AI) and cloud services, automation of the systems offered by Cind since 2016 is to be improved. Cind is a spin-off of investment company Saab Ventures, which belongs to the Saab Group. In addition to several institutional investors, Italian Microtec is also involved in the company, which was founded in 2015.

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