Germany: Orders in housing construction grew by 6.3%

In December, adjusted to account for seasonal influences, differences in the number of work days as well as prices, German housing construction companies recorded a 6.3% increase in incoming orders vis à vis the comparative quarter of the preceding year. According to the figures published by the Federal Statistical Office on 25 February, incoming orders thus rose for the sixth consecutive month.

Regarding housing construction, at €1.812bn, a nominal increase of 12.1% was recorded for incoming orders in December. In 2018 incoming orders in housing construction rose by 11.2% vis à vis the previous year to €17.827bn. This represents the highest level of incoming orders recorded in this sector for the last 21 years. At €17.851bn, companies active in housing construction last recorded a higher figure in 1997.
Turnover of the construction industry achieved in housing construction improved by 11% to €20.309bn in 2018. At €22.519bn, a higher figure had last been recorded in 1997. Concerning the construction industry overall, in 2018 turnover improved by 10.8% vis à vis the preceding year to €85.208bn.

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