FSC International ends disassociation with HS timber

Approximately four and a half years after the disassociation of the former Schweighofer Group from the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC), today’s HS Timber Group is again associated with FSC International. According to information published by FSC International on 2 November, HS Timber thus has the opportunity to be once again be certified in accordance with FSC criteria.

In a video conference, FSC director general Kim Carstensen outlined the road back to FSC taken by Schweighofer and HS Timber on the basis of the FSC Conditions Framework for the Schweighofer Group, which was adopted in 2017. According to Carstensen, corresponding due diligence and chain-of-custody systems have been implemented at HS Timber in recent years. These include the traceability of roundwood through the Timflow GPS tracking system, introduced in April 2017 for roundwood procurement, and active cooperation with the International Anti-Corruption Academy (IACA), which has been ongoing for several years now. In November 2018, the company also presented a sustainability report for the first time.

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