Eurobaustoff centrally invoiced turnover up 12.3%

Eurobaustoff concluded the 2020 financial year with a 12.3% increase in centrally invoiced net purchasing turnover. According to the statement published on 4 February, centrally invoiced turnover generated by the 453 member companies at 1,600 locations amounted to a total of €7.48bn and has reached a new record level. Based on the figures for the nine-month period which were published at the end of October, a 17.5% turnover rise to €1.81bn was thus achieved in the fourth quarter. Following increases of +11.6% in both the first quarter and the first half year, as well as a +10.8% rise in the nine-month period, business activity accelerated towards the end of the year.

All of Eurobaustoff’s eight product divisions contributed to the turnover increase. The growth rate of the timber and building components division - including the decorative wood (flooring, walls, ceilings) product group, which is invoiced via the retail trade - was only slightly below average at +12.1%. All product groups developed along positive lines. Turnover generated with products in the decorative wood product group, for example, rose by 16.7%, the timber in the garden product group recorded a massive increase by 43.4%. Significant differences in development were also recorded with regard to the different wood product ranges. Turnover generated with lumber (+10.0%) and wood-based panels (+11.2%), for example, increased at similar rates. By comparison, turnover increases recorded for planed lumber (+16.5%) and, in particular, construction timber (+26.4%) were more significant. With regard to building components, the most significant turnover increases were recorded for stairs (+13.5%), followed by interior doors (+11.7%) and windows/front doors (+9.9%). Turnover in the timber trade B2B area improved by a total of 19.2%.

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