Spain: living room furniture imports increase by 4.7%

05.01.2021 − 

In the third quarter, the value of Spanish living room furniture imports increased by 4.7% to €805.4m. The negative trend recorded in the first (-3.7%) and second quarters (-47.5%) was thus reversed. According to Spanish furniture industry and furniture exporters association ANIEME, the growth is the result of increased imports from countries such as Portugal (+20.7% to €113.6m), Italy (+12.5% to €73.9m) and Poland (+12.7% to €66.4m). Deliveries from China (€184.8m) remained virtually stable. Suppliers from Germany (-14.3% to €66.2m) and France (-15.5% to €39.8m), by contrast, suffered declines. Accumulated over the first nine months, imports were down by 16.2% to €2.013bn.

Concerning exports, the declines recorded in the first two quarters continued in the third, with
-6.0% to €552.5m. Decreases in deliveries to Germany (-12.1% to €35.6m) and Great Britain (-28.7% to €24.4m) were only partially offset by increased deliveries to France (+22.6% to €182.2m) and Portugal (+19.9% to €99.5m). In the first nine months, at €1.441bn, the value of exports fell 16.2% short of the preceding year’s figure.

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