Russian furniture imports increase again in first quarter

23.08.2021 − 

Following a 5% decline over the entire period of 2020, in the first quarter Russian furniture imports increased again by 15% to US$529.5m. According to the Russian customs authority (Moscow), imports from the two most important supplier countries, China (+19% to US$151.1m) and Belarus (+22% to US$80.6m), each increased by around one-fifth. Imports from Poland (+21% to US$36.6m) and Lithuania (+21% to US$8.6m) rose at a similar rate. Even higher increases were recorded in deliveries from South Korea (+29% to US$47.1m), the USA (+52% to US$18.7m) and Turkey (+35% to US$10.7m). The value of furniture imported from Germany amounted to US$29.2m, representing an 8% increase compared to the same period last year. Imports from Slovakia (-16% to US$10.2m) and the Czech Republic (-36% to US$10.1m) declined, by contrast.

Classified according to product group, imports of seating furniture increased by 20% to US$278.9m and imports of mattresses by 19% to US$20.4m. For furniture other than seating furniture, a less significant increase of 9% to US$230.2m was recorded.

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