Larger turnover fluctuations in the furniture industry

14.08.2017 − 

In April and May, the German furniture industry showed even greater year-on-year fluctuations in turnover than in the first quarter. In April, total turnover declined by 11.5% to €1.390bn, which was partly attributable to the later Easter period this year. In contrast, May closed out with year-on-year turnover improvement of 15.8% to €1.564bn.

The German furniture industry had already seen a fluctuating course of business in the first quarter, though turnover did increase from month to month. Turnover in January was up year on year by 9.9% to €1.362bn. For February, the German Furniture Industry Association (VDM) showed a decline in turnover of 7.6% to €1.437bn on the basis of statistics compiled from figures issued by the Federal German Statistics Office. March, with a revenue plus of 8.4% to €1.714bn, has been the best month of the year so far.

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