Knoll: growth in sales from office furniture up again

17.05.2019 − 

Revenue generated from sales of office furniture by US-American Knoll rose by 9.2 % in the first quarter to 202.2m US$. As such, the growth in the “Office” segment, which covers the office furniture activities in North America as well as those in Europe, accelerated again after the growth rates achieved here had slowed in the second half of last year to 2.8 % in the third quarter and 0.9 % in the fourth. In the “Lifestyle” division, sales revenue in the period under review rose by 17.2 % to 130.6m US$.

Knoll’s total sales revenue increased 12.2 % in the first quarter to 332.8m US$. Knoll also improved its key performance figures in the first three months. Adjusted EBITDA thus rose by 13 % to 41.6m US$ and the operating profit by 30.1 % to 29.2m US$. Net profit increased 17.8 % to 18.0m US$.

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