Kitchen furniture industry turnover decline in August

03.11.2017 − 

In August turnover in the German kitchen furniture industry decreased once again by 4.7% vis à vis the preceding year to €315.6m. However, the current turnover figures compiled each month by the German Kitchen Furniture Industry Association (VdDK) on the basis of data from the Federal Statistical Office only include data from 52 companies (-3.7%).

Accumulated over the first eight months, turnover of the German kitchen furniture industry was 2.6% below the preceding year’s figure at €3.029bn. The decline in the first eight months was exclusively a result of domestic business which decreased by 4.6% to €1.824bn. In export, by contrast, turnover increased slightly by 0.5% to €1.205bn. In the first eight months of the current year, data from an average of 54 companies, which totals an average 16,079 employees, were included in the statistics.

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