Kitchen furniture exports increase by 2.2%

20.03.2020 − 

In 2019 German kitchen furniture exports increased by 2.2% vis à vis the previous year to €2.092bn. In 2018, however, twice as high an increase of 5.5% had been achieved. In 2017 there had been an improvement of 1.8%. According to the figures compiled by the Verband der Deutschen Küchenmöbelindustrie (VdDK) on the basis of preliminary data supplied by the Federal Statistical Office last year increases were recorded in deliveries to the three most important purchasing countries France, the Netherlands and Austria. The most significant increase, by +7.5% to €310.2m, was achieved in the Netherlands. Exports to France and Austria increased by 2.7% to €528.4m and by 2.4% to €204.6m respectively. An increase was also recorded in kitchen furniture deliveries to the USA. In this connection the export value rose by 12.6% to €40.0m. Declines, in contrast, were again recorded in deliveries to Great Britain (-5.8% to €135.4m) and China (-5.5% to €79.2m). In 2019 the export surplus increased by a total of 2.5% to €2.024bn.

Kitchen furniture imports to Germany continued to decline last year by 2.4% to €95.4m, after declines of 11.3% had been recorded in 2018 and 3.2% in 2017. In 2019 deliveries from Italy and Austria dropped by one quarter to €14.8m and €8.3m respectively. Imports from Estonia (-42.0% to €1.2m) and Great Britain (-46.3% to €0.6m) also declined compared to the preceding year. In contrast, imports improved from the two most important supplier countries Lithuania (+3.9% to €19.9m) and Poland (+6.5% to €16.9m). Imports from these two countries accounted for just under 40% of total German kitchen furniture imports.

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