Growth on export market only for Forte in Q3 2017

19.12.2017 − 

Turnover of Polish Fabryki Mebli Forte developed along contradictory lines on the domestic and export markets in the third quarter. This is reflected in the final figures published on 29 November. According to these figures the total turnover, as already mentioned in an ad hoc statement issued on 23 October, increased by 9.3% to PLN268.0m. Whilst turnover on the Polish market dropped by 7.6% to PLN45.2m, export turnover increased by 13.5% to PLN222.6m. Accordingly, the export rate increased to 85%.

Accumulated over the first nine months, turnover generated abroad increased by 3.5% to PLN686.7m and the export rate improved by one percentage point to 85.4%. Domestic turnover, in contrast, decreased by 4.1% to PLN117.3m. Total turnover during the nine-month period increased by 2.4% to PLN804.0m corresponding to €188.9m. In the first quarter a decline of 2.2% and for the second quarter growth of 0.9% had been recorded.

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