Belgium: Furniture industry turnover decreased

30.11.2017 − 

According to preliminary information, the Belgian furniture industry experienced a minimal decline of 0.4% in turnover to €1.262bn in the first half vis à vis the comparative period of the preceding year. Growth of +1.6% in the first quarter thus contrasted with a minus figure of 2.3% in the second quarter. In the first half of 2017 it was not possible for the Belgian furniture industry, according to Fedustria to pursue the positive development over the entire period of 2016 when an increase of +3.6% had been achieved.

With the exception of office and shop furniture, the association records declines in turnover for all subdivisions. The most serious decline in the first half year was -4.4% experienced by manufacturers of kitchen furniture. In the area of living room furniture, which includes chairs, seating furniture, living room, dining room and bedroom furniture as well as garden and patio furniture, turnover declined by 1.8%. Turnover with mattresses and beds was 1.5% down on last year’s figure. In the category of office and shop furniture, by contrast, an increase of 6.4% was achieved. This category had already achieved the highest growth rates over the entire period of 2016 (+7.1%) and in the first quarter of 2017 (+8.6%).

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