Schramm family sells Interlübke to domovari

The Schramm family has sold the living room and bedroom furniture manufacturer Lübke (Interlübke) to domovari with effect from 12 August . The Schramm family acquired Interlübke together with a financial investor at the beginning of 2018. The transaction was handled via Schramm Holding. The financial investor exited the company in 2019, selling its stake in Interlübke to Schramm Holding.

Interlübke currently employs around 160 people and generated revenues of around €20m in the 2021 financial year. domovari manufactures bathroom furniture along with bathtubs, shower trays and washbasins at its headquarters in Krefeld. According to domovari’s managing director Dr Frank Oehmke, the company is much smaller than Interlübke with annual revenues of around €5.5m and 50 employees. However, domovari and Interlübke have a similar distribution set-up via upmarket specialist merchants. Dr Oehmke therefore thinks that there are potential synergies in sales and marketing, and in product development. Interlübke will continue operating as an independent company, with Sebastian Freund serving as Managing Director. Mr Freund has been managing Interlübke since September 2021, when he indirectly succeeded Philipp Schramm, who stepped down as managing director in August 2020. According to Dr Oehmke, no job cuts are planned. Instead, the new owner plans to make targeted investments in new machines, which will probably take longer due to the current delivery situation in the equipment sector.

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