France: 12% increase in furniture imports

French furniture imports in the third quarter increased by 12% vis à vis the preceding year to €2.202bn. According to the export trade statistics published by Eurostat, the increase was thus again less pronounced than in the second quarter; between April and June imports had risen by 81% due to a base effect. Significant increases in the third quarter were recorded in deliveries from countries such as China (+41% to €467.9m) and Great Britain (+61% to €40.3m). Imports from Italy, Poland, Spain and Romania slightly exceeded the previous year’s figures. In contrast, the statistics show declines for Germany (-2% to €297.8m), Portugal (-8% to €90.6m) and the Netherlands (-23% to €42.1m).

French furniture exports in the third quarter were just above the previous year’s figure at €583.3m. Deliveries to all four most important export markets increased. In this context, increases in deliveries to Germany (+5% to €99.7m) and Switzerland (+3% to €53.2m) were less significant than in deliveries to Spain (+11% to €52.4m) and Great Britain (+16% to €51.4m), where double-digit increases were achieved in each case. Declines were recorded in exports to Belgium (-2% to €47.0m), the USA (-22% to €37.9m) and countries consolidated in the category Other (-3% to €182.1m).

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