Carl Hansen raises turnover by more than one-third

In the 2021 financial year, Carl Hansen & Søn Holding increased its turnover by almost 37.0% to DKK966.2m - equivalent to approximately €128.5m. The company thus was able to continue the positive development recorded in previous years. However, in 2020 - the first year of the corona pandemic - the increase rate had been considerably lower at 5.5%. In 2019, growth had also been in the single-digit percentage range (+7.2%). For 2018 and 2017, higher increase rates of +26.3% and +17.9%, respectively, had been recorded. In the past five years since 2016, turnover has more than doubled.

Approximately one-third of total turnover was generated in the Danish domestic market last year, where growth of 40.4% to DKK335.6m was achieved. Turnover generated in other European countries amounted to DKK343.6m - a year-on-year increase of 36.0%. Turnover growth was also achieved in the USA and Canada, up 45.3% to DKK105.8m; this more than compensated for the decline of approximately one-third recorded in these two countries in 2020. In Japan, turnover rose by 7.5% to DKK106.8m. In the Asia-Pacific region, turnover growth of 26.5% to DKK50.9m was achieved. Turnover generated in countries consolidated in the group other rose many times over to DKK23.5m.

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