6.5% higher sales revenue generated by Sedus Stoll

The Sedus Stoll group closed its business year 2021 with a 6.5% increase in sales revenue at €195.9m. This was unable to fully compensate for the reduction of 12.4% from the previous year, however. This left the group’s sales revenue still roughly €14m below the 2019 level. The growth achieved in sales revenue last year is solely attributable to the return of better international business.

Revenue generated from export sales rose by 18.6% to €88.6m. In contrast, sales revenue here had slumped by a fifth in 2020 compared to the preceding year. Another reduction of 1.9% to €107.3m was registered on the German in 2021 after a reduction of 6.0% had already arisen in 2020. In keeping with the better development in business abroad, the export share rose accordingly to 45.2%. €17.1m of the sales revenue generated abroad (+5.6%) was accounted for by France as the biggest export market.

The group achieved its highest percentage growth of 83.3% to €6.6m in the UK, albeit from a low baseline. Double-figure growth was also recorded for Italy (+29.6%), Austria (+14.3%), the Netherlands (+23.1%), Belgium (+23.0%), Spain (+16.7%) and Other Countries (+23.1%). Single-figure growth was registered in Switzerland (+7.0%). Conversely, at -31.0% to €2.0m, Sedus Stoll was unable to match the previous year’s growth in Dubai.

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