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Window sales in Germany increase by 2.4% in 2019

11.06.2020 − 

Last year it was possible to achieve a 2.4% increase in sales to a volume of 14.8m window units (1 window unit WU = 1.69m²) on the German window market. This exceeded the forecasts issued by Heinze within the scope of its regularly updated study conducted on behalf of the German window associations. In spring 2019 Heinze had initially assumed an increase in sales volume to 14.7m WU. In the autumn forecast, a lower growth rate of 1.2% to 14.6m WU was envisaged.

According to the current study, presented on 27 May by the Verband Fenster + Fassade (VFF) in the context of its webinar dealing with the topic of statistics and market, a total of 6.3m WU were fitted in new construction projects, representing an increase of 3.5%. In the area of renovations, which represents the larger proportion of the market with 8.4m WU, sales volumes increased by 1.6%. In the comparison between residential and non-residential construction, it becomes evident that the non-residential area has increased at an above average rate of +4.3% to 5.2m WU. The sales volume in residential construction increased by 1.3% to 9.5m WU.

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