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Roto Frank Holding turnover exceeds 2019 figure

26.11.2020 − 

Despite the corona-related drop in economic activity in the second quarter, Roto Frank Holding expects, after all, to increase its turnover for the entire period of 2020 to €675m. If business remains stable over the course of the fourth quarter, this mark might even be surpassed. Compared to the figure of €668m (+1%) generated in 2019, this would represent an increase of almost 2%. Distribution of turnover generated on the domestic market (one third) and export market (two thirds) will remain virtually unchanged vis à vis preceding years. The group result may indeed improve considerably due to the cost reduction measures implemented over recent months. One such measure was to implement slight staff reductions by not re-filling vacant positions. Investment activity has been limited to urgent projects as well as digitalisation-related issues.

In the nine-month period group turnover increased vis à vis the preceding year’s figure from €509.4m to €511.8m. The slight decline in the window and door technology (FTT) division was more than compensated by significant growth in the roof system technology (DST) division as well as double-digit increase rates in the Roto professional service (RPS) service division, which was newly established within the scope of the change in group structure that came into effect on 1 May 2019. The company expects that turnover figures will continue to stabilise in the current fourth quarter and refers to renovation business, which is going well in many markets, as the principal reason for this.

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