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Oknoplast turnover increased again at group level

26.06.2019 − 

In 2018 Polish window and front door manufacturer Oknoplast improved turnover by 12.5% to €171m compared to the preceding year. Compared to the preceding year, when an increase of some 7% was recorded, turnover growth was thus even more rapid. The Oknoplast brand contributed some €136m to total turnover. The two other brands WnD (windows and front doors for the commercial sector) and Aluhaus (aluminium front doors) generated €23m and €12m respectively. The proportion of exports increased to 75%. In addition to the domestic Polish market, the company also recorded increases in countries such as Germany, Italy and France. The Oknoplast Deutschland sales company improved its turnover by 3.6% to €27.6m. As recently as 2017 the German subsidiary had achieved growth of 10.1%.

Windows and front doors of the Oknoplast brand are produced at the main facility in Ochmanów near Krakow. The WnD Sp.z.o.o. production company operates a plant in Lodz, and the Aluhaus brand is produced in Niepolomice. Last year the group of companies employed a total of some 1,850 persons. In 2018 Oknoplast constructed an additional office building covering 2,000m² in Ochmanów.

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