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Arbonia’s EBITDA improved in all four divisions

16.03.2020 − 

The building components supplier Arbonia achieved better EBITDA in all four of its divisions in 2019. In the “Doors” division, which covers the activities of Prüm Türenwerke, Garant Türen & Zargen, and Invado as well as RWD Schlatter, EBITDA increased 10.9 % to 43.9m CHF. Leaving non-recurring items aside, the figure was 9.2 % up at 43.9m CHF. The door division’s EBIT rose by 1.6 % to 19.6m CHF or adjusted, by 4.2 % to 19.5m CHF.

In the “Windows” division, EBITDA (+24.9 % to 24.7m CHF) and adjusted EBITDA (+69.4 % to 27.1m CHF) were considerably higher than a year earlier. The window division’s EBIT, on the other hand, slipped into the loss zone at -0.4m CHF. The main reason given for this was the closure of Wertbau Elemente, which covered the cladding business of the subsidiary Wertbau. Adjusted for non-recurring items, EBIT improved to 3.2m CHF.

EBITDA and EBIT developed in opposite directions in the “Heating, ventilation, and air-conditioning (HVAC)” division as well. Whereas EBITDA increased, a reduction occurred in EBIT. A non-recurring item arose from the closure of the radiator works in Zedelgem, Belgium. Both EBITDA and EBIT developed positively in the “Sanitary equipment” division.

The results at the group level were significantly impaired by the costs of the works closures and other restructuring measures in 2019 after the sale of properties had led to a positive non-recurring item the year before. Arbonia had to put up with a reduction of 3.9 % in EBITDA to 125.4m CHF; the EBITDA margin shrank to 8.9 %. EBIT fell by 34.9 % to 39.7m CHF. The group profit also turned out to be considerably lower at 26.2m CHF. Leaving non-recurring items aside, the key performance figures were all higher than a year earlier.

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