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€3.4bn market volume for window and door fittings

18.11.2020 − 

Over the entire period of 2019, worldwide turnover generated with window and door fittings amounted to €3.4bn. Of this figure, approximately 26% was generated with tilt/turn fittings which are particularly common in Europe, but are also gradually gaining increasing market shares in Asia and North America. The proportion of aluminium tilt/turn fittings amounted to 10%. Door fittings amounted to an estimated proportion of 25% of the overall market. 22% was generated with fittings for sash windows and doors, 11% with fittings for windows which open outwards and 6% with the casement and awning product range. These findings come from market research conducted by Roto Frank. In order to calculate the total market volume and the proportions of the individual product groups, the company analysed information from various market research institutes and industry associations.

Europe, at a volume of €1.850bn and a proportion of just under 55%, was the most important sales region last year. In Asia, the market volume was approximately €1.050bn. In North America fittings for windows which open outwards constitute the largest product group by far. This segment generated approximately half of the total market volume, which is estimated to amount to €377m. In South America, sash fittings were in the lead at 40%, and 25% in each case were held by door fittings and fittings for windows which open outwards.

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