Kährs completes integration of Upofloor brand

Kährs Holding has completed the brand merger announced last year. According to a company statement, resilient flooring products previously offered under the Upofloor brand will in future be marketed under the Kährs brand. The names of the individual product lines Zero (PVC-free tiles and sheet goods), Xpression (PVC-free design flooring and design tiles), Quartz (tile) and Estrad (vinyl sheet goods) will be maintained.

Following the complete integration of the Upofloor brand, the company will focus on its Kährs brand in future. The previous global-level two-brand strategy had been introduced in connection with the acquisition of Finnish flooring manufacturer Karelia-Upofloor in 2012. As part of the strategy, Kährs brands covered the parquet segment and Upofloor brands the resilient flooring segment. In 2019, Kährs expanded its range by Luxury Vinyl Tiles (LVT), which are sold under the name Kährs Luxury Tiles; however, most of this LVT flooring is not produced at the company’s own factories but purchased externally. Via a sales cooperation with Modulyss, Kährs also offers Modulyss carpet tiles, which are sold exclusively in the Nordic markets of Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Finland.

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