Inwido: new organisational structure from start of 2022

Inwido will be switching its organisational structure from currently two divisions to four in future on 1 January. The existing divisions of “Inwido North” and “Inwido South” will be replaced by the new divisions of “Scandinavia”, “Eastern Europe”, “Western Europe”, and “e-Commerce”. The new group structure was presented on Inwido’s Capital Markets Day, held on 9 December. The current organisational structure has existed since the beginning of 2019. Before that, the company was split into the four divisions of “Sweden-Norway”, “Finland”, “Denmark” and “Emerging Business Europe (EBE)”.

Changes in the group’s management are also planned in connection with the new group structure. The management level currently comprises Henrik Hjalmarsson (CEO and executive vice president Inwido North), Peter Welin (CFO), Asger Drewes Jørgensen (executive vice president Inwido South), Lena Wessner (senior vice president Human Resources, Organization & Sustainability), Jonna Opitz (senior vice president Communications & Multibrands), and Antti Vuonokari (senior vice president Inwido Northeast). With the exception of Jørgensen, who is leaving the company, all of the existing members will also be represented in the new management team. A new addition will be Bo Overgaard Christensen, who, as executive vice president, will be head of the e-Commerce division.

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