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Mieco sells Great Platform particleboard works

25.09.2020 − At the beginning of the second quarter, Mieco Chipboard concluded the sale of the Gemas/Negeri Sembilan particleboard works to Bagus Timber as agreed at the beginning of November.» more


Stoppages trimmed Neodecortech’s revenues

25.09.2020 − Production stoppages held by Neodecortech at its Filago headquarters and other sites in Casoli d’Atri and Guarcino paved the way for the expected slump in revenues in the first half. » more

Segezha to invest RUB1bn in Sokol pellet plant

25.09.2020 − Russian Segezha Group is to invest RUB1bn (equivalent to approximately €12m) in the construction of a pellet plant at its Sokol location. » more

Ethan Allen: turnover down by half in fourth quarter

25.09.2020 − In the fourth quarter of the 2019/2020 financial year, turnover of Ethan Allen dropped by half to US$91.6m compared to the corresponding period in the preceding year. » more
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Sweden anticipating 7m m³ of beetlewood in 2020

25.09.2020 − On the basis of provisional surveys, approximately 7m m³ of beetle-damaged wood is going to arise in Sweden in 2020. » more

Furniture industry and DIY benefit from pent-up demand

23.09.2020 − Furniture manufacturers and merchants have made it through the coronavirus crisis in much better shape than other sectors over the summer months. » more
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Arbonia’s German door factories at near full capacity

10.09.2020 − In the first half, Swiss building supplier Arbonia generated turnover of CHF644.9m. » more