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Steico shows growth in second quarter

25.07.2014 − Following a year-on-year plus of 22.9% in the first quarter, turnover generated by the insulation board manufacturer Steico increased by 10.5% to €45.3m in the second quarter.» more


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EPF reports fall in particleboard output

25.07.2014 − European particleboard production slipped 1.5 % to approximately 28.4m m³ last year. » more

E-Pellets buys Athens OSB plant from LP

24.07.2014 − The newly established company E-Pellets, has purchased the OSB plant in Athens (Georgia) formerly owned by Louisiana Pacific for US$13m.» more
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Growth of over 9% registered in log supply in Norway

24.07.2014 − The volume of wood felled in Norway in the first half of this year was roughly 9.3% or 437,000 m³ higher than in the same period of last year at 5.15m m³.» more

TTF and BWF in cooperation talks

23.07.2014 − In what could represent one of the biggest shake-ups in UK timber industry representation in recent times,the Timber Trade Federation (TTF) and British Woodworking Federation (BWF) are discussing...» more

BMU acquires the assets of Robbes & Lammers

22.07.2014 − Brinkmann Möbelelemente Ummantelungswerke (BMU) bought the assets of the home furniture producer Robbes & Lammers with effect from 1 July.» more