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EUWID Wood Products and Panels Issue 51/2018


  • Less roundwood available for sawmill industry
  • Slovenia: Softwood lumber production stagnates in 2018
  • USA anticipating growing output of softwood timber
  • Great Britain: Consumption to decline by 4.5%
  • Increase in Irish exports of softwood lumber
  • Poland expects increase in lumber production in 2018
  • Austria: 7% rise in softwood lumber cutting in 2018
  • Regional administration presents stormwood figures
  • Swiss wood industry wishes to retain mandatory declaration
  • Switzerland expects decline in softwood lumber imports
  • Larger area registered for timber harvesting in Sweden
  • Minor growth in volume of wood felled in Norway
  • Swedish exports to China down by half in September
  • Growth of 8 % in Russian timber exports in Quarter 3
  • Fine oak nine times overbid at Lublin sealed-bid auction
  • Further decay registered in softwood-timber prices
  • Government of Sabah planning wood-processing centre
  • Beech exports to China 11% below preceding year

Wood products

  • Worldwide ENplus pellet production up by 18 %
  • 17m € investment package for promoting timber construction
  • Bioenergy Europe given status of a recognised stakeholder
  • Pellet producers succeed in raising prices further for deliveries in November/December
  • Timber-construction sales revenue up 5.7 % in September
  • Growth in woodworking industry revenues evens out

Wood-based panels

  • Another marked reduction in foreign business in Italy
  • Demand for maritime pine plywood remains lively
  • German OSB exports slightly higher than last year
  • Okoumé plywood prices have been rolled over in Q4
  • Finnish plywood production slightly weaker in Q3
  • More OSB supplied to USA by Romania again
  • Russian birch plywood prices under mounting pressure in recent weeks
  • Methanol contract prices look set to decline
  • Forecast decline in methanol costs will pave the way for lower adhesive resin prices
  • Manufacturing continues to return to normal at BASF


  • Decor paper makers to idle machines mid-December
  • Environmental Protection Act: Regulations for timber imports
  • Rising prices faltering for a few types of oak veneers due to increased inventories


  • 5.4% increase in kitchen furniture exports
  • Household furniture imports still 7% below last year’s figure

Building products

  • Kronospan wants to use TripleLock for laminate flooring
  • Välinge taking action against Oneflor Europe in Mannheim


  • People


  • Klöpferholz plans to expand its product range and sales strategy by joining Hagebau
  • Metsä Fibre acquires adjacent EcoEnergy plant in Äänekoski
  • Mosser group investing in OTC dryer from Valutec
  • Major damage caused by fire at Y-Pellets works in Gars
  • Norske Skog doubling pellet capacity in New Zealand
  • Schweighofer to build biomass power station in Saxony
  • Value-adding equipment to be added to Auric’s drying centre
  • Weinzierl completes assembly of short-roundwood yard
  • Copa losing eight partners at the end of this year
  • Holzland: Centrally invoiced turnover of over €800m
  • Currency effect slowing growth in Duravit’s sales revenue
  • Five companies already bought up by Headlam this year
  • Investor Partners now shareholder at Störmer Küchen
  • Greenlam reaps the rewards of higher laminate prices
  • Masisa increases sales volume of continued activities
  • Sachsenküchen: Further growth of turnover expected for 2018
  • CFP buys Ecuadorian balsa plant from Schweiter
  • Koppensteiner Furniere set to dissolve stocks in Germany
  • Sönke Bruhn increasingly active in US veneer business
  • Adler Benelux opens new distribution centre in Heeze
  • Garnica Group boosts capacity at Llodio mill by a quarter
  • Kim Tin puts second MDF plant into operation
  • Delignit increases turnover forecast for entire 2018 period
  • ECCM Bank planning to raise its stake in Surteco
  • Evergreen’s result in Malaysia impaired by raw-material costs
  • Assmann acquires share in Frem Group Screens Limited
  • Joint venture founded by Olon and Ilcam subsidiary
  • Steinhoff delays publication date for balance sheets

  • Associations: Arauco North America joins American Wood Council
  • Associations: BHB elects Bartsch as new board spokesman
  • Associations: Number of ordinary members of BIEF raised to 57