Trex records continued growth in the second quarter

US WPC manufacturer Trex, which specialises in decking, railing systems and platforms, closed the second quarter with a 6.9% increase in turnover, to US$220.7m. The growth achieved in the previous quarters thus continued, albeit at a slower pace. In the first quarter, the increase was 11.6%, and in 2019 growth rates of 16.9% and 17.7% were achieved in the third and fourth quarters respectively. In the current quarter, Trex expects another increase low in the double-digit percentage range.

From the company’s perspective, development of earnings benefited from stable raw materials prices, general cost savings and improved efficiency in production. The EBITDA increased by 32.1% to US$67.5m, and the EBITDA margin to 30.6%. Operating profit improved by 32.9% to US$63.4m. Net profit, at US$47.2m, was also approximately 32% higher than in the preceding year.

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