USA pellet exports increase by 5% in 2020

17.02.2021 − 

Despite a slight decline in exports recorded in the fourth quarter, US pellet exports over the entire year rose by 5% to 7.256m t. According to the export trade statistics of the US Department of Agriculture, Foreign Agriculture Service (FAS) 7.032m t - or 96.9% - of this volume was sold to customers in Europe. The main purchaser in this context continued to be Great Britain, which imported a volume of 5.627m t. As a proportion of total US exports, Great Britain thus continued to account for 77.5%. Significant increases were recorded by the FAS for exports to the Netherlands, which almost quadrupled vis à vis 2019 to a total of 629,883t.

Exports to Japan, at 26,740t, also increased many times over, albeit from a very low starting level. The total export value amounted to US$981.4m. Correspondingly, the notional export value per unit was US$135.2/t (137.0/t).

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