USA and Japan push German planed-product exports

12.12.2017 − 

The growth rates of +16% and 21% reached by German exports of planed products in the first and second quarters respectively were greatly exceeded again in the third quarter at +59% to 418,138 m³. As had already been the case in the preceding quarters, it was exports to buyers outside Europe who were responsible for the increases.

Provisional figures from Destatis, the federal statistics office, deliveries to the USA were almost eight times as high as in the reference period of last year at 187,985 m³. Exports to Japan were also more than trebled to 16,987 m³. A three-figure increase was registered in exports to Pakistan as well, rising 104% to 9,047 m³. Whereas the exports to markets outside Europe grew by 166% to a combined figure of 275,911 m³, deliveries to customers within Europe fell by 11% to 142,277 m³. A sharp decline of roughly a third was recorded for exports to the UK, which only amounted to 37,298 m³. Although growth was registered in exports to Austria (+9%), France (+18%), and the Netherlands (+7%), it was not enough to compensate for the reductions in exports to the UK.

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