US pellet production growth has slowed a little bit

23.03.2020 − 

With an increase of 11.9% to 2.455 million tonnes, US pellet production in the fourth quarter did not increase as strongly as in the three preceding quarters compared to the previous year. At +18.2 % in the first quarter, +16.6 % in the second quarter and +15.6 % in the third quarter, the figures of the U.S. Energy Information Administration (EIA) at the U.S. Department of Energy previously showed higher production growth in each case.

According to the EIA, 1.892 million tonnes were accounted for by industrial pellets and 563.446 tonnes by pellets for the heating market. A total of 704,312 tonnes were sold on the domestic markets, a decline of 2.8 %. Exports of pellet, on the other hand, were 3.4 % higher than in the same quarter last year at 1.843 million tonnes. At US$ 173.0 per tonne, the average pellet price achieved on the domestic markets was almost 7% higher than in the fourth quarter of 2018; the calculated export price rose by 2.6% to US$ 169.0 per tonne.


After four quarters, each with double-digit growth rates, US pellet production for the whole of 2019 will reach a new record level of 9.487 million tonnes, of which 7.465 million tonnes will be for industrial pellets and 2.022 million tonnes for the heating market. According to the EIA, pellet exports rose by 10.5 % to 6.793 million tonnes, while domestic sales fell by just under 9 % to 2.215 million tonnes.

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