US pellet industry increases production by 5.4%

21.07.2017 − 

Over the course of the first quarter, a total of 1.727m t pellets were produced by pellet plants in the USA. This represents a 5.4% increase vis à vis the comparative period of the preceding year. According to figures of the U.S. Energy Information Administration (EIA) at the U.S. Department of Energy, production of pellets for the heating market and of industrial pellets developed along contradictory lines. Whereas production of industrial pellets increased by 11.5% to 1.364m t in the first three months, production of high quality pellets for the heating market decreased by 12.6% to 362,590t.

Contradictory development is also seen in terms of regional distribution of production of pellets for the heating market. Whereas production at plants in the east region declined by some 36% vis à vis the comparative quarter last year to 157,618t, plants in the west region increased production by 20% to 107,186t. Production in the south region also increased by +24% to 97,782t. Industrial pellets are produced exclusively in the south region.

There are also more considerable changes concerning the mix of raw materials used for the first quarter vis à vis the comparative quarter of the preceding year. Accordingly, producers increased use of roundwood by 29.4% to 599.300t, whereas in contrast the use of sawmilling residue ranges from the sawmill industry decreased by 21.0% to 489,400t.

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