US pellet exports just slightly above 2019 level

19.11.2020 − 

During the third quarter, the USA exported a total volume of 1.838m t pellets, approximately 1% more than in the comparative period of the preceding year. At 1.728m t, exports to Europe were also 1% higher; this volume, as a proportion of total US exports, remained virtually the same at 97.0%. Within Europe and also worldwide, Great Britain remained the largest importer of US pellet exports, purchasing a volume of 1.418m t. However, exports to the Netherlands in the third quarter rose almost fivefold to 157,361t and exports to Denmark, at 84,485t were also significantly higher than the preceding year’s figure. The value of pellet exports rose by 3% to US$250.5m, meaning the notional value per unit amounted to US$136.3/t.

In the course of the first nine months the USA exported a total volume of 5.407m t pellets, an increase of 7% compared to the corresponding period in the preceding year. Of this volume, 5.267m t was delivered to the EU (including Great Britain) and 4.238m t to Great Britain. Exports to the Netherlands (+338% to 444,664t) and Belgium (+8% to 466,833t) have reached a similar level in terms of volumes, while Denmark has significantly decreased in importance with a decline of 56% to 113,325t.

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