UK Pallet Collars taken over by James Jones & Sons

05.07.2021 − 

James Jones & Sons took over UK Pallet Collars on 10 June. According to a press release issued by James Jones, the company is being integrated into the James Jones “Pallets & Packaging” division. In future, Karen Rick, managing director of UK Pallet Collars, will work for the Pallets & Packaging division, which produces pallets and packaging at the 16 facilities in the UK and carries out repair and inspection works for the EPAL, CHEP, LPR, and IPP pallet pools.

Pallets & Packaging comprises the pallet-collar manufacturer Billington (International) as well as the pallet and packaging manufacturers Unit Pallets, TWP Packaging, and Larch. In cooperation with Scott Group and the entrepreneur family Phillips, James Jones operates United Box, which produces crates for the agricultural industry. Pallets & Packaging’s 16 facilities have a combined annual production capacity of around 10m pallets. More than 25m pallets are repaired per year as well.

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