Trial operation of Antwerp works begun by Kebony

05.04.2018 − 

Kebony began the first trials of the production facilities at the new works in Kallo en Lillo near Antwerp in February and March. The official start-up and regular operation will follow in the second quarter. As such, only minor delays have arisen in work on building the second works for chemically-modified timber after the first production plant built in Vold, Norway.

When the foundation stone was laid on 8 February 2017, Kebony had announced that it was aiming to complete the first stage of development of the works located in the port area of Antwerp in the first quarter of 2018.

The Kebony works, built in the Scheldt Chemical and Industrial Park (ScCIP) next-door to Lanxess, will have an annual processing capacity of around 20,000 m³ of timber in the first expansion phase. Mostly Pinus radiata will be used to start with.

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