Tanguy invests €14m in gluelam production

21.12.2017 − 

French Tanguy Matériaux is currently investing some €14m in the construction of gluelam production facilities on premises covering around 8ha in Plouédern, Finistère. According to a statement made by Hervé Tanguy to Oest France, production of solid wood panels, gluelam activities and wall elements is to be consolidated and modernised in the new plant with a production surface area of c. 12,000m².

Until now, Tanguy Matériaux has been producing in Brest as well as at the company headquarters. A cross-laminated timber plant has been set up in Brest since 2010. Components of up to 14.2m in length and up to 3.5m in width can be produced here. In both plants approximately 45,000m³-50,000m³ of lumber is processed per annum, most of which is imported from Scandinavia. Due to restricted space facilities in Lannilis, however, there is no more scope for expansion.

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