Stora Enso: EBIT at Wood Products up by almost 38%

05.05.2017 − 

In the first quarter, the Wood Products division of Stora Enso delivered a total of 1.212m m³ of lumber and wood products, representing year-on-year growth of 11.6%. The higher volume of sales and the 8.9% increase in turnover to €416m is partly attributed by the concern to the start of laminated-wood production in Murów (Poland) and the commissioning of LVL production in Varkaus (Finland) in June 2016.

The LVL plant in Varkaus has now obtained all relevant certificates and is to achieve full-capacity production by mid-2018. Although the provisional suspension from certification to the Japan Agriculture Standard (JAS) of Stora Enso's laminated-wood plant in Murów had been lifted with effect from 30 January, the plant was only started up again slowly in subsequent weeks. Production at the plant, which boasts technical capacity of roughly 100,000 m³/year, had been shut down since the suspension on 14 October 2016.

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