Russian ThermoHolz will build CLT-plant in Moglino

27.08.2018 − 

The Russian manufacturer of thermally modified wood ThermoHolz will build a plant for cross-laminated timber (CLT) in the special economic zone of the Pskov region on the border with Estonia. The project was presented for the first time on 9 August and a corresponding contract was signed between ThermoHolz and the representatives of the Special Economic Zone on 21 August. Construction of the plant, with 20 employees and a capacity of 8,000 m²/month, is scheduled to begin in September. The plant, which will cost around 520 million roubles, is scheduled to come on stream in the first quarter of 2020. In addition to a pure, three-layer wood panel, the production of a panel with a rigid polyurethane foam core is also planned.

ThermoHolz has been producing decking, decking and facade elements from thermally modified wood at the Voronesch Oblast plant since 2011. Pine, beech, birch and ash are used for this purpose. According to the company homepage, the modification is carried out in a 50 m³ chamber of the Italian manufacturer Baschild.

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