Prefabricated-house producers expecting 7.7 % growth

27.10.2018 − 

At 2.86bn €, sales revenue generated by the German prefabricated-house industry in the current business year will probably be 7.7 % higher than in 2017. According to information from president Johannes Schwörer at the meeting of members of the federation of the German prefabricated building industry BDF in Aachen on 12 October, the member businesses’ capacity is fully utilised for the next 50 weeks. 90 % of the BDF’s 48 prefabricated-house manufacturers rate the current state of business as “good”. 84 % are not anticipating any deterioration for the next six months. 16 % are assuming that business is going to become even better. Schwörer was also positive in his comments about development in the number of employees. The number of employees will probably be in excess of 13,500 at the end of 2018. After 12,864 at the end of last year, this would equate to an increase of roughly 5 %.

A total of 59,823 new detached and semi-detached received planning permission nationwide in Germany from January to July 2018, 11,501 of them of prefabricated designed. This equates to a market share of 19.2 %. Prefabricated-timber construction is traditionally particularly well-represented in Germany’s south and southwest.

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