Norske Skog doubles pellet capacity in New Zealand

11.12.2018 − 

Norwegian Norske Skog is investing around AUS$5m in the expansion of its pellet plant in Taupo, New Zealand, by the end of next year. According to an announcement dated 5 December, the plant's capacity is to be increased from the current 40,000 t to 85,000 t/year in the future. According to Eric Luck, Regional President Norske Skog Australasia, production will remain focused on the production of high-quality pellets for the heating market even after the expansion. The pellets are sold almost exclusively on the New Zealand market via a dealer network.

Norske Skog acquired the plant in 2015 through the acquisition of the pellet manufacturer Energy Renewable Fuels (Nature's Flame). Already at that time it was planned to increase the capacity of the plant from 20,000 t to 80,000 t. The plant is expected to be built in the near future.

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