Moelven Limtre puts new press into operation

17.12.2018 − 

Moelven Limtre AS, part of the Norwegian Moelven group and both of Moelv, had already put a new press for manufacturing curved gluelam timber into operation in August. The installation of the press developed by the two Swedish machine-engineering companies John Ersson Engineering and Stjärnsunds Svetsmekano in cooperation with Moelven doubles the production capacity of curved gluelam timber at the Moelv plant. 15m NOK has been invested in the system.

Curved gluelam measuring 30 m (length) by 2 m (height) with a thickness of up to 30 cm and a radius of up to 5 m can be produced on the new press. Radii of at least 25 m are achieved on the existing system.

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